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Hello, visitor! Welcome to my little space on the web. Have a look around and you'll see examples of projects I enjoy tackling to keep my creative gears turning.


This page is under major reconstruction as I figure out how to use this newfangled interface, so please bare with me as I move the furniture around.



Weddings, sports, performances of all kinds. I got started with my high school yearbook crew in ye olde days when we still shot film. And we all suffered the stink and stains from the developing chemicals to prove it.


Comic strips, logos, band flyers and more. I've been a doodler for as long as I can remember. Even my grade school teachers would say I was completely focused on drawing and you couldn't distract me with much else during class. Except maybe recess.


When I got to college I fell in love with the student newspaper. And when becoming a volcano-scientist wasn't looking like a viable option, I jumped over to j-school. But I do still love learning about volcanoes and other such Earth sciences.


Plenty of things just defy categorization or they are too strange to warrant their on subset. Here you'll find anything from clay sculptures to awesome Halloween costumes. Hopefully there's something for everyone behind this door!


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